muigui make high quality, easy to use web experiences, with quality, attention to detail and designing for real human beings at the core of our approach. We can help you do the same.

We are developing tools and platforms to deliver better, easier ways to create these experiences, and we also have a wide scope of user research methods at our disposal to ensure that user needs are truly met.

User-centred research

We discover what to create by identifying what people could really use. We use techniques like Usability testing and evaluation, Competitive reviews and Field studies. Then we rapidly prototype and try out our ideas on real people, modify the prototype, and test it all over again. Until it's as easy and satisfying and enjoyable to use as possible!

Sustainable Futures

We love our planet and we want our great, great, great (ad infinitum...) grandchildren to be able to love it too. That's why we shall be dedicating at least one third of our time to developing digital tools to help support grassroots sustainable community initiatives, documented in our Usability for Sustainability blog.

UI Consultancy

We have over 12 years of experience in developing rich web user interfaces for a diverse range of clients. From ecommerce web sites to enterprise content management systems.

Our goal is to provide a rich user experience, on top of an easy to maintain, easy to scale system for your developers to work with. Currently in the works is our own UI framework: thud.js.

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